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Come summer, degree show season is always in full swing. Around the country, graduating students from art and design schools work tirelessly towards a big finale: the hotly anticipated degree show. Doors open wide to industry, and then public. It’s a taste of innovative work to come and a chance to forecast the creative…(Read More)

One of our ambitious team leaders has just completed a Business Leader course at the IPA. We like the IPA because like us, they are also champions of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The IPA is widely recognised as the world’s most influential professional body for practitioners in advertising and marketing communications. They set the…(Read More)

On the 31st of January, Sarah and I attended the Hall & Partners event CREATING CERTAINTY. Author Richard Watson and an expert panel led the discussion on ‘Opportunities for brands to provide certainty in an uncertain world’. The event Meeting premise: Societal upheaval has heightened people’s feelings of uncertainty. What strategies should brands employ…(Read More)

At the end of November I went to the PAGB EU Exit seminar. Here’s the top 5 things I learned: EU exit is incredibly complicated for medicines – maintaining medicines supply in the UK is the goal for all. Negotiations must work for all UK trade – the deal may not be what is best for…(Read More)

At Wordbird, we work in our audiences’ shoes. Because knowing what your audience wants makes it easier to write for them. And what better way is there to find out what they want than talking to them? Talking to your audience can give unparalleled insight, as I discovered when I attended my first advisory board…(Read More)

SXSWi (South by Southwest interactive) is a massive film, interactive media and music festival that takes place in Austin every March. There are hundreds of talks about advances in tech, trend predictions and demonstrations. One of the speakers described it as ‘Nerd Cochella’… I’ve wanted to go for ages so was really grateful for…(Read More)

Strategy Bootcamp


Strategy Bootcamp Recently I had the pleasure of attending the IPA Strategic Bootcamp. The IPA Strategic Bootcamp is a one day workshop about understanding what strategy really is and demystifying it. The course provided real practical advice that can be applied to every single project. Here are the 5 things I took away from the…(Read More)