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HRA Pharma Rare Diseases awareness campaign for Rare Disease Day 2021

Rare care hands

The challenge

It can take years, or even decades, for rare diseases to be diagnosed. This can be a very uncertain and lonely time for patients. HRA Pharma Rare Diseases recognise this and wanted to mark Rare Disease Day in a way that would bring the rare disease community together.

The solution

The Rare care hands campaign was a way to unite people in a time when human interactions are limited. The heart-shaped hands symbolise unity and care and represent the passion and devotion HRA Pharma Rare Diseases have for caring for people with rare diseases. Inspiration was taken from the hands of the Rare Disease Day logo. The cut-out design meant the campaign was easy to take part in. Patients, HCPs, members of rare disease organisations and HRA colleagues all displayed hands in their homes, workplaces and shared them on social media. The video showcases the reach of the campaign worldwide and helps spread the positive message of unity and care, cementing HRA Pharma Rare Diseases commitment to rare diseases.

Santen educational/awareness campaign

Join the revolution

The challenge

Ophthalmologists rely on antibiotics and use them heavily after cataract surgery (one of the most common surgical procedures with ~4.5 million performed per year in Europe). But this usage may contribute to antibiotic resistance. Our challenge was to raise awareness of the threat and educate on antibiotic stewardship with simple steps that would inspire action.

The solution

The centrepiece of the campaign is an animation using the ‘Theory of evolution’ visual to tell the story of antibiotic resistance. The animation finishes with a rallying cry – ‘Join the revolution’. It has been a huge success – with over 70,000 views.

A global campaign for a global crisis

Pandemic practice in the COVID-19 era

The challenge

In early March 2020 a pandemic was declared. Global information for dentists was just emerging. Unilever wanted to support dental professionals, especially countries that had not issued professional guidance. There was a need for speed.

The solution

We reviewed the available publications and collated easy-to-read, evidence-based guides. Brief to delivery took just 60 hours, including approval. We produced bite-sized social media assets for local markets to use to promote the content. This initiative was localised and well received worldwide. The initial activity was quickly followed-up with evidence-based clinic restart assets.

Allergan patient engagement

Glaucoma in perspective

The challenge

To provide scientifically accurate glaucoma information for patients in an interactive and positive way.

The solution

A double award-winning programme. Developed with ophthalmologists, patients and City University we produced a patient app, leaflets, a waiting room animation and an ophthalmologist explainer app. All of which have been localised globally.


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The challenge

To relaunch Diprobase as a dry skin solution for UK consumers.

The solution

Based on the insight that ‘women with dry skin can’t wear the clothes they want to’, we developed this out of home Boots/Superdrug campaign, which was extremely successful at driving sales.

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