We speak fluent doctor, nurse, midwife, dentist, pharmacist, patient and mum

Wordbird is a creative, healthcare communications agency with compelling copy at its heart. It’s all about words working with design so that brands are built, sales strengthened and that most importantly –  real people feel better.

We create ‘on strategy’ multichannel brand campaigns for Rx, OTC and consumer medicines and our purpose is to make it marvellously easy for everyone to say 'I get it'.

What we could do for you
Our clients tell us that we’re unusual because we are strong on creative and science – so there’s no compromise on ideas or approvable, scientific content. Find out what we could do for you.
What brand communication challenges do you have?
Here are some we helped solve

Allergan patient engagement

Glaucoma in perspective

The challenge

To provide scientifically accurate glaucoma information for patients in an interactive and positive way.

The solution

A double award-winning programme developed with ophthalmologists, patients and City University with a patient app, leaflets, waiting room animation and ophthalmologist explainer app. Localised globally.


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The challenge

To relaunch Diprobase as a dry skin solution for UK consumers.

The solution

Based on the insight that ‘women with dry skin can’t wear the clothes they want to’, we developed this out of home Boots/Superdrug campaign, which was extremely successful at driving sales.

    Our Story

    Our story

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