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What congresses tell us: European Glaucoma Society

In May, Nathan and I were lucky enough to venture out of London and jet off to the (EGS) biennial congress in sunny Florence. We say sunny, but in reality, it couldn’t have rained more, che bellezza!

Quick wins to improve readability

Have you ever read a boring report? Or rather, read the same text again and again, but still not taken it in? How can a boring report ever be a page turner? And how can your healthcare communications always be an utter joy to read? Here are my top tips for readability.

Happy birthday to us

Birthday parties are always fun, but ours was particularly special We celebrated on the gorgeous rooftop garden of the suitably birdily-named Coq d‘Argent at No 1 Poultry. Situated on the original site of the Royal jeweller, Mapin and Webb’s silver foundry, and looking out at the twinkling London skyline, it certainly felt like a suitable place to […]

Touching base with office jargon

Office jargon appears everywhere. Whether its ‘blue-sky thinking’, ‘pinging emails’ or ‘drilling down’ it’s hard to avoid. You only have to watch an episode of The Apprentice, where it seems some form of business jargon is used every few seconds, to see how prevalent it’s become. But before we climb onto our high horse, there […]

Things to ask your healthcare copywriter

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Writing for healthcare can’t be that different to writing for other things. And it isn’t. The best healthcare copywriters have a natural talent for putting themselves in their audiences’ shoes and adapting the tone of voice that they write in. This natural talent can be nurtured and developed through practise […]

Bird’s eye view

Throughout my years working in healthcare communications, I have written a lot of blogs in my head. I have thought a lot about setting one up on our website. But we all know that actions speak louder than thoughts, so at last some action. One of my passions is that healthcare copywriters should be trained. There’s […]

Meaning of meaningful work

Recently I went to a business workshop at Bush House in central London as part of an executive education open day. For the previous 80 years the building was home to the BBC World Service – renown for broadcasting across the world in 30 different languages. I was there as a guest of the new […]