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Love at first write


Agency Founder, Sarah Sowerby, started as a healthcare copywriter on Valentine’s Day, 1990. It was love at first write. Words are the tools with which we tell our health brand stories. Yet in healthcare agencies, words are often the poor relations of strategy and art direction. Copywriters are usually kept in back rooms and…(Read More)

The Fledgling


A bird’s eye view is always the clearest. Agency life from the perspective of the newest member of the Wordbird flock…(Read More)

Back in February I sat my IPA foundation exam to gain a qualification which has helped me to better understand the advertising industry. I am pleased to say I passed with credit and learnt not only about my area of specialism (creative services), but the wider world of advertising from data and digital, to demand…(Read More)

Early bird years


The transition from University to working in a creative agency has been a steep learning curve. It has taken me from working on ‘theoretical’ university projects to being involved in the real-life application of design work. When I first started at Wordbird in 2017, I was dropped straight into a live project. Although this…(Read More)

Never has learning been so easy. Or fun. Spending hours watching TV ads on YouTube — ranging from crème de la crème to cringe de la cringe — is not only justified but actively encouraged…(Read More)

Office jargon appears everywhere. Whether its ‘blue-sky thinking’, ‘pinging emails’ or ‘drilling down’ it’s hard to avoid. You only have to watch an episode of The Apprentice, where it seems some form of business jargon is used every few seconds, to see how prevalent it’s become. But before we climb onto our…(Read More)

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Writing for healthcare can’t be that different to writing for other things. And it isn’t. The best healthcare copywriters have a natural talent for putting themselves in their audiences’ shoes and adapting the tone of voice that they write in. This natural talent can be nurtured and…(Read More)

Bird’s eye view


Throughout my years working in healthcare communications, I have written a lot of blogs in my head. I have thought a lot about setting a blog up on our website. But we all know that actions speak louder than thoughts, so at last some action. One of my passions is that healthcare copywriters should be…(Read More)