The Fledgling


A bird’s eye view is always the clearest. Agency life from the perspective of the newest member of the Wordbird flock.

From day one of working at Wordbird two things were clear. Firstly, creative flare and scientific content are in no short supply. Secondly, we share an interest in meaningful work that involves improving the lives of ordinary people. This along with the personalised mug and box of chocolates I received made me confident I had found the job for me.

Learning to fly

To a Wordbird fledgling, agency life is like spinning multiple plates, whilst riding a unicycle, blindfolded. The deadlines come thick and fast whilst you simultaneously remain an expert in numerous therapy areas and keep in touch with your creative side. Within days my vocabulary almost doubled with the flood of new information and acronyms.

Over the coming weeks I slowly but surely, began to emerge from under the wings of senior colleagues with opportunities to spread my wings and get involved in live projects and client meetings. This gave me an exciting glimpse into life beyond my fledgling years.

In an eggshell

With eight weeks under my belt, I have learnt a staggering amount. I cannot wait to see what the coming months have in store. Bring it on.

By Rebecca Channing, Assistant Copywriter and Wordbird fledgling

The Wordbird academy training modules prepare you for anything a live project might throw at you:
  • Audience shoes training
  • Veeva mastery
  • Introduction to the ABPI code
  • The development process of a job
  • Copywriter training
  • Marking-up and referencing
  • Using the checking-checklist
  • Mistake management