Love at first write


Agency Founder, Sarah Sowerby, started as a healthcare copywriter on Valentine’s Day, 1990. It was love at first write.

Words are the tools with which we tell our health brand stories. Yet in healthcare agencies, words are often the poor relations of strategy and art direction. Copywriters are usually kept in back rooms and wheeled out on high days and holidays. Agency folk often complain that ‘medical writers’ are not creative enough and ‘creative writers’ are unable to work in an evidence-based way.

Sarah wanted to create an agency with well-trained healthcare writers as the beating heart of the agency. Writers with a science background, who understand the evidence, but who are also trained to make a valuable, creative contribution. In Olympic 2012, she set up shop with two shiny, new science graduates and a determination to train them to be the best they could be. Soon multi-award winning Creative Director, Andrew Nicholson joined.

With a lot of hard work, Wordbird quickly grew to be a full-service, multichannel creative agency with a gritty team of 20+ and amazing, international client base.

Words are the tools with which we tell our health brand stories, engage with patients, communicate with teams, manage safety and challenge, or deepen, beliefs and behaviour.

And that’s why words remain at the heart of all we do.