Early bird years


The transition from University to working in a creative agency has been a steep learning curve. It has taken me from working on ‘theoretical’ university projects to being involved in the real-life application of design work.

When I first started at Wordbird in 2017, I was dropped straight into a live project. Although this initially made me feel a little nervous, I also appreciated the confidence that the company had placed in me. On my first project, I worked with another designer and a copywriter, which helped me to learn about the important relationship those two roles have when working creatively on a project.

After my initial induction, I grew in confidence. I began to grow both in terms of technical application and my understanding of how a creative agency functions. This has included building up relationships with other areas of expertise within the company and belief in my own abilities. In time I was asked to take responsibility for a branding project which I particularly enjoyed. This led to my first client presentation, something which I have always found especially daunting, but ended up being a success and helped boost my confidence for future presentations.

Professional development at Wordbird is encouraged. Regular goal setting and achievement of those goals is also an important focus here. Wordbird’s dedication to continuous personal development has led me to achieve one of my goals of becoming an art director. I am looking forward to further developing the skills for that role through training and fulfilling the responsibilities involved in the position.

I have been incredibly lucky to start my career at Wordbird through both the opportunities offered and also working with a great team of people.

By George Lucas, passionate uni-goer turned Art Director