Exploring the realms of regulations


Being an Assistant Copywriter at Wordbird is a fascinating and unique experience. From week-to-week, I’m intrigued to learn more. A month in and already I’m immersed into the world of marketing, learning about ‘Biology of Brands’ and developing ‘Write from Wrong’.

Last week my mission was to explore the rules and regulations surrounding healthcare advertising. Invaluable knowledge, an absolute essential for anyone in the industry.

Here are the five things that really stuck with me from the week:

Heart is at the core of it all

I discovered the sheer amount of time and care that is required to ensure patients and
healthcare professionals receive safe, reliable information. Strong ethics are a must for
any Healthcare Copywriter.

Rules weren’t made to be broken

Prescription only medicines can only be advertised to healthcare professionals so, an expert is always there to make the best decision with the patient. Over-the-counter medication can be advertised to the public but, it is still extremely important that agencies follow codes of practise to ensure people can make an informed decision.

Transparency is key

A professional cannot make an informed decision without knowing what’s in a medicine and what the potential side effects are. It is of the up-most importance that this information is shown on all advertising materials. Any additional side effects reported to doctors are submitted to a specific website found on all advertising material. These reports are used to keep professionals up-to-date and monitor drug safety.

Promotional materials, there is more than meets the eye

It’s not just print ads and leaflets which are created with patient safety in mind. Conferences, videos, websites and even mobile applications are developed considering the code. Every single campaign element follows the same advertising principles.

Clarity is the foundation of healthcare communications

All medicines come clearly labelled with chemical names, as well as brand names, so they are all easily identifiable. Summaries and safety information must be legible. Readability is a must.
Overall, the week was fun, interesting and I’ve taken away a lot. Onto my next mission!

By Lynsey Downie, the training enthusiast/Assistant Copywriter