9 things to ask your writer


  1. Have they had direct PMCPA/PAGB training?
  2. Do they have a life science degree (or equivalent)?
  3. Do they write from references, marking up from draft one?
  4. Do they take full responsibility for the approval process to ensure efficiency and rigour (rather than palm it off on a junior account, executive who knows nothing about the job)?
  5. What’s their technique for getting up the learning curve swiftly on your brand?
  6. What writing training have they had and what is their ongoing CPD?
  7. What techniques or tools do they use to ensure readability?
  8. Can you speak to them directly – or do you need to go via a project manager or account handler?
  9. Have they earned any IPA qualifications, such as the Foundation Certificate to show a grounding in marketing and behavioural economics?

Our writers are not the ‘back office’. They are the beating heart and soul of what we do. They are on the front line, ready to take responsibility and work with you to make your story simple, but brilliant.