Robotic hearts and avatars at The Royal Society


A review of my favourite stands at The Royal Society 2017 Summer Science exhibition.

Teams from all walks of science have translated their work into cool interactive educational spaces at this Royal Society summer event. It’s impressive and it’s free. If you go, find the scientists, get talking to them and make sure to try all their gadgets.

Favourite stands

A future without fakes

Easily spot a fake with atomic accuracy. It’s a game-changer because we know that the fake drug industry is one of the deadliest and costliest problems facing healthcare today. Soon these fakes will be detected and rejected in a heartbeat, all through a smartphone. Yes you’ll want to read more. And don’t forget to try the Quantum Challenge at the stand. Fastest time wins.

eMental health for the iGeneration

Virtual reality for early discovery of anxiety tendencies, avatars to help people with schizophrenia and an app for ourselves to use when we need some mind space. We like seeing more of this kind of innovation in health.

Heart robotics

They strapped a heart rate monitor to my wrist and transmitted my heartbeat to a red, soft, robotic heart. I held the heart in my hands, feeling and seeing the valves contract in rhythm to my own beat. It was a heartfelt moment.

Mapping cancer’s secret chemistry

There’s a cool flipbook to take home and some very interesting scientists to chat to.

Finally, there was the workshop Blood Lines – where knitting met science. I asked about ‘angiogenesis’ and in return learnt a lot about blood vessel growth and their role in tumours. And for those who wonder, angiogenesis means the formation of new blood vessels from old ones.

By Anaelle, Copywriter and Quantum Challenger