Strategy Bootcamp


Strategy Bootcamp

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the IPA Strategic Bootcamp. The IPA Strategic Bootcamp is a one day workshop about understanding what strategy really is and demystifying it.
The course provided real practical advice that can be applied to every single project.

Here are the 5 things I took away from the course.

1. STRATEGY: What is strategy?
It’s long term plan of action to achieve your goal – simple, clear, concise. So, how can you develop great strategy? Essentially you can think of strategy as one simple sentence.

To get to [X] (WHERE) we need to talk to Y (WHO) and tell them Z (WHAT). A good “where” identifies the opportunity / problem. A good “what” changes behaviour.

2. BRIEFS: Briefs must pass the “man in the street” test.
Does Bob the builder understand? Start with the problem, end with where you want to get to.

Always start with the ultimate end goal which is to sell more and reach more people.
To break this down simply, what makes people consider brand X? Is it ethics? Price? Something else?

4. BENEFITS LADDER: Emotional vs functional:
With functional being at the bottom of the ladder and emotional being at the top of the ladder, emotional ads are always easier for long-term success. Keep in mind, this means that it is best if ads EVOKE an emotion and don’t SHOW an emotion.

Our brains operate on a subconscious level. We should assume that people don’t care and we are intruding on their life. Therefore, always assume that everything is skippable.


By Brooke “The Grid” Glancy