Wordbird helps ellaOne fly over-the-counter


At Wordbird we believe that effective communication is more than just getting a message across. It can be life changing. We are proud to support HRA Pharma in communicating the centralised switch of the emergency contraceptive pill, ellaOne®, from prescription to non-prescription status.

Not only is this major reclassification only the fourth ever centralised EMA reclassification from POM-P, but it also means that 67% more European women will have fast pharmacy access to emergency contraception.

“It is a privilege to be working with HRA Pharma on this project,”

says Wordbird Founder Sarah Sowerby.

“ellaOne® breaks new ground. Over 48 million more European women will be now be able to ask for emergency contraception from their pharmacy without a prescription. Our role has been to help communicate these benefits as part of HRA Pharma’s launch of ellaOne®across 29 countries.”

As you would expect from the Wordbird team, we’ve been involved in creating a range of compelling communications to support the launch, including core pharmacy education, women’s education, infographics and website content. We’ve also provided additional consultancy in responding to CHMP questions during the reclassification process.

That’s not all! We are also thrilled to announce that Wordbird’s PAGB associate membership has been accepted following our work with HRA Pharma UK and Ireland.

This paves the way for Wordbird to expand its OTC client base in 2015. For more information please contact Sarah Sowerby on 0207 622 5236 or sarah.s@wordybirdy.co.uk.