Happy birthday to us


Birthday parties are always fun, but ours was particularly special

We celebrated on the gorgeous rooftop garden of the suitably birdily-named Coq d‘Argent at No 1 Poultry. Situated on the original site of the Royal jeweller, Mapin and Webb’s silver foundry, and looking out at the twinkling London skyline, it certainly felt like a suitable place to celebrate our shiny and glittering team.

It’s been an incredible journey. These past five years have been about hard work, camaraderie, creativity and plenty of grit. So really, the whole night was about saying thank you. Everybody invited has played their own special part in the Wordbird story, and Sarah & Andrew gave The Oscars a run for their money by personally thanking every one of them in a heartfelt speech.

Growing an agency is never easy, but every step has been fun, challenging and deeply satisfying. We feel truly blessed to have so many bright and ambitious clients who we really enjoy working with, as well as our own fantastic team of writers, designers, account handlers and suppliers who can always be relied upon to deliver their best. It felt wonderful to have all of those people on one beautiful rooftop, celebrating everyone’s contribution. A lot of bubbly was consumed, a lot of giggles had and things got a tad emotional. The evening echoed what Wordbird is all about – the people. Friends, old and new, showed up and made it a night to truly remember. Plus, we had the most incredible cake:

“We are excited about our future,” says Wordbird Founder, Sarah. “Clients want to work with us on fascinating brands that make a real difference to people’s lives. Whether that’s a small thing, like relieving a headache, or a big thing, like keeping their vision. Those are the things that get us all out of bed every day.”

So, here’s to the next five years and our wonderful team, colleagues and clients. You’re the best, and you make us what we are.