Medical report – Eleanor Matthews


At the end of an internship our trainees capture their experience. If you’re applying for an internship with us, read on.

Medical report: patient is under observation for 12-week period.

When told the good news about the internship, I felt a brief cardiac arrhythmia. I couldn’t help showing symptoms of uncontrollable smiling and whooping.

On my first day, I was a little agitated. My cheeks were flushed and my temperature was raised. I felt able to keep up with pace of the work but I could tell my heart rate was high.

Things move fast at Wordbird and I was under pressure to keep up. There were a few days when my blood pressure was rocketing. But I kept going. Intent on improving I kept working.

With my usual companions away, I explored collaboration with other members of the team. The results were characterised by loud and excited bursts of conversation. My throat was hoarse from yelling excited ideas.

After a spectacular farewell party for valued colleague Claire, I felt both sad and sick. On reflection, the nausea was most likely chocolate-related.

Diagnosis: generally healthy worker with strong appetite for self-improvement
and chocolate


By Eleanor Matthews, permanently employed copywriter at Wordbird.