The key to becoming brand-tastic


As a science graduate I’d never given much thought to the idea of brands until I came to Wordbird. Following our training on the ‘Biology of Brands’, I couldn’t wait to see how the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising would help me develop my brand understanding.

The museum is sorted chronologically. Big brands like Cadbury and Disney appear early on. They were quite different in the past. Disney’s used to feel more personal when it was smaller and newer. These days, it’s hard to escape the looming commercial presence of the name. Disney is everywhere. I began to recognise more brands as we entered the territory of my schooldays. Surprisingly, barely remembered toys from my childhood still evoked emotions.

Despite the fun stroll down memory lane, my favourite part of the museum was viewing collections of products. They showed brands through the years such as Johnson’s Baby Powder and Lyle’s Golden Syrup. It’s hardly changed branding since 1885 – making it Britain’s oldest brand. Lyle’s lion is iconic. Being able to see how some brands changed before my eyes was fascinating. While a visual is often the initial hook, you need more. If pictures pull you in, then words keep you from wandering away again.

What struck me most was how intensively brands are cultivated to create a strong emotional attachment. It happens without us even noticing! Most importantly, I learned that ensuring fidelity to a brand essence is key to being brandtastic.


By Eleanor Matthews, Assistant Copywriter and Brand Connoisseur